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Past Program

The seasonal TV show program “The Most Beautiful Harmony” (最美和声) has set a record for the highest audience rating in the history of Beijing satellite TV.

In 2014, the 1st season of TV show “The goddess” (女神的新衣) set the highest viewing record of Dragon TV in that year. In 2015, the 2nd season of Dragon TV’s “The Goddess” (女神的新衣): the application of T2O innovative business model made multiple records in TV shows, which dramatically changed the TV content production and marketing model, also changed the Internet user interaction and e-commerce marketing model, and also revolutionise the supply chain of fashion industry’s production and sales. The success of the show is another historic milestone that the television industry is merging with the Internet business in mobile and PC.

Coming Program for 2018-2019

Fashion variety shows with industrial sales function:

  • Babies’ New Apparels (宝宝的新装)

  • Fashion Materialism (时尚唯物论)

  • I Want You To Look Good (我要你好看)

Copyright Licensed Music variety show:

  • Secret Chinese Lyrics (填密中国词)

Travel and dating reality show with sales functions of tourist routes and attractions:

  • Solemn Pledge Of Love (海誓山盟)

The only licensed music festival show on satellite TV:

  • Super Music (超强音浪)

Maternal and infant reality show with sales function:

  • My Dear Baby (妈呀我的宝宝)

Pet variety show with industrial sales function:

  • Attention! Puppies (报告汪星人)

Healthcare variety show:

  • National Medical Archives (国医档案)

Catering variety shows with industrial sales function:

  • Spicy Noodles VS Noodles (麻辣面对面)

  • Bidding The Trump (投拍头牌)

  • Hot Pot To The End (将火锅进行到底)

Futuristic tech variety show with sales function:

  • The Geeks (极客总动员)

Automobile variety shows:

  • The Strongest Car Racer (最强车神)

  • The Most Beautiful Bride (最美新娘)

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